I celebrated my birthday on Thursday, October 23 by going to see Stromae perform at Le Zenith in Toulouse, France.

Rachel (a fellow English assistant) and I right before Stromae came on stage
Rachel (a fellow English assistant) and I right before Stromae came on stage

The concert was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! If you don’t know who Stromae is, here are a couple fun facts about him.
1. He’s a Belgian singer/song-writer
2. His dad was Rwandan
3. He sings/raps in French (sometimes he throws English, Spanish, or Portuguese words into his songs)

His songs are witty and his music videos are very artistic and sometimes comical. Contrasting upbeat rhythms with serious and/or melancholy lyrics, Stromae gives us something to ponder while we take his advice to dance the night away.

For several of his songs he pulled imagery from his music videos to recreate the stories we had already seen and then embellish them. For Tous Les Mêmes, Formidable, and Papaoutai it was cool to see him transform himself into a different persona for each of these songs.

Words truly can’t describe the experience of watching him live…so here are a few videos that I hope give an essence of what it was like that night.

✌ or Violence
Te Quiero (Je t’aime: I love you)
Intro for Tous Les Memes (All the same)
Moules Frites
Formidable (Wonderful)
Papaoutai: Papa où t’es (Dad where are you)

And then Stromae thanked various people who helped ensure that the concert was fantastic…using a ‘Papaoutai’ inspired rhythm. I COULD NOT handle that African beat though!!! Sorry for any excessive shaking in the following 2 videos…I was enjoying too much and couldn’t stop myself from dancing 😉

‘Shout-outs’ Stromae style…
And that time Stromae ‘bent low’ ☺
A cappella of Tous Les Mêmes by Stromae and his entourage

Overall, the concert was filled with so many wonderful surprises. Hopefully I’ll get to see him the next time he performs in the U.S.


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