On November 27, 2014 I partook in a delicious thanksgiving dinner with 2 British girlies, 1 Swiss girlie, another American, and a Korean guy.

The feast consisted of:
1. Salad composed of spinach, lettuce, goat cheese, and a yummy sweet sauce
2. 2 Rotisserie chickens
3. Mashed potatoes and gravy
4. Green beans & bell peppers
5. Bread
6. White & red wine and Desperados beer

Thnxgvn Feast
Thnxgvn Feast

And for dessert we washed down speculoos cookies, ice cream, and an assortment of French pastries with tea. It was nice to spend this evening with fresh faces spanning across various continents.

The following Thursday, a fellow American assistant and I took a train to Sète, a nearby commune situated southwest of Montpellier, for a day trip. Some refer to Sète as the Venice of the Languedoc region of France.

Making our way up Mont St Clair
Making our way up Mont St-Clair

We explored the area and stopped into an indochinese restaurant for lunch.

Yummy soup
Yummy soup
Caramelized pork with rice
Caramelized pork with rice

Afterwards, we reached the top of Mont St-Clair and observed the amazing view.

Right before taking the train back to Montpellier, we picked up tielle sétoise, a regional dish. This savory pie is filled with minced calamari and a tomato sauce.
I ate it for dinner when I got back to my apartment. It wasn’t bad; it reminded me of a Nigerian meat pie or Latino empanadas…minus the squid. 😉

Tielle :)
Tielle 🙂

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