5 Ways To SLAy This Summer


That’s the word that best describes this summer for me. From the glamorous hairstyles and conscious clothes to previews of black brilliance on the big screen, 2017 is definitely the year. And for female entrepreneurs in North America who make SLAying a lifestyle, SheHive – She Leads Africa’s (SLA) global four-day professional boot camp and networking event for Black women – couldn’t have come at a better time. Last month SheHive DC rocked the nation’s capital, and SLA’s second and final stop on the 2017 North American tour is currently in Canada. If you’re in the Toronto area you can get your tickets (if they haven’t already sold out!!!) for SheHive Toronto ASAP (read: yesterday) here.

If you weren’t at SheHive DC, you missed out! You can catch some snippets from the event via Nkem Life’s awesome recap video. There’s no way that I can fully describe all of the #BlackGirlMagic that took place at last month’s event. So instead I’ve decided to share some key takeaways (these are for the guys as well!).

1. Tell your own story

If you don’t, others will. You have the responsibility and capacity to make sure that you are properly represented.


2. Create a strategy to engage with your market

Ensure that after enacting your strategy you analyze it to see what worked and what didn’t work. Tweak your strategy as necessary. Be aggressive about connecting with people in your field and follow up, follow up, follow up.


3. Be focused and proactive

Make sure that you have set goals and that you are consistently pursuing them. Don’t let your brand become lackluster or erratic because you refused to fully develop your business plan and abide by it. You can make changes when necessary, but ensure that you remain consistent and always have the big picture in mind.


4. Invest in yourself

Research tools and continue to develop your skill-set, so that you will be a dynamic boss. With basic knowledge of marketing, accounting, communications, development, etc you’ll have the capability to successfully run all aspects of your business without having to hire outside expertise.


5. Done is better than perfect.

You must learn to balance producing quality content with getting it out in a timely fashion. Many times your desire to be #flawless will limit your output, frequency, and thus reach. Efficiency 👏 is 👏 key.


That’s all I got. Have you attended any similar events this summer or earlier this year? Let me know! Also, if you’ve ever attended a SheHive or other SLA event in the past, I would love to hear about your experience! 👑 ❤



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  1. SheHive girls…remember the rap song you guys did. “Done is better than perfect” this is deep, and inspiring me dear. Good Job


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