September : Africa Month + My Blog Journey + Two Challenges

I’m on my bed in Dakar, Senegal right now contemplating not only my blogging journey, but my life and why I agreed to two blogging challenges this month. A group of us have pegged September as Africa Month. We want to showcase the real “Africa” by sharing our individual stories with one united voice. Both of these blogging challenges are for 30 days, and I’ll be writing two blog posts each day (or one blog post if I can address both topics in one post) based on an already assigned topic. It’s called a challenge for a reason, and despite my current uncertainty I know I’m up for it. So enough about the challenges and on to today’s topic: me and my blogging journey.

AfroBloggers, an online community of African bloggers, let me hijack their Twitter last Sunday, August 27th. As the featured African blogger I was able to share my blogging journey and some of my passions. I know what you’re thinking: “Oh what a shame. I missed @chiStory’s Twitter takeover.” Well if that’s you, I got you boo. You can catch all of the highlights here. And for those too lazy to click the link, here’s the condensed milk version. You’re welcome.

I’m a Nigerian-American who’s lived and worked on three different continents. I started a blog in 2013 (though it has since disappeared into the abyss) right before heading to Dakar, Senegal as a way to share my travels with family and friends. In 2014, I became a bit more serious and created this website from my bedroom in Montpellier, France in order to continue documenting my journeys around the world.


In 2015 I bought my domain name, so that the annoying “wordpress” would be erased from my website url. That same year I also started sharing other people’s stories in addition to writing about things outside of my physical travels





During this one-month challenge I’m looking forward to growth, consistency, and creativity. I will be writing about topics, which I’ve not yet (and never planned to) engaged on my blog. I’m also excited to see what other Africans have to contribute. I hope you’ll read along each day and join us this month via #30DayAfriBlogger and #BlogTemberChallenge on Twitter. Happy Africa month!


16 thoughts on “September : Africa Month + My Blog Journey + Two Challenges

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        1. Of course it’s not!! To be honest it’s up to you, if you want to go back and post for the days you already missed or just start from today’s topic. All of the #BlogTemberChallenge topics can be found on the @afrobloggers Twitter account


    1. Hi Anna! You should start! I’m sooo behind, but I’m planning on playing catch up and finishing strong. Even if you can’t do everyday, I hope you’ll be able to at least write a few posts through out the month.

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