She begged you not to go, not to leave.... (Click To Continue Reading)


A Jamais

My answer to you is... (click to continue reading)


You are not too much to handle for the person destined to love you... (click to continue reading)


How do you empower yourself in a society that has always profited from holding you back? How do you pull yourself up by the bootstraps when they created a system in which you can barely afford food, let alone books? How do you free your mind when the knowledge you attain is always history, his story, rewritten... Continue Reading →


She was not scared of being loved. She was scared of loving. She never needed your validation But she wanted it all the same.     She waited and waited And when it finally came You did not give it to her. You gave it away to another.   ~Nomadic Mind~    


I stopped crying a long time ago. Not because the pain has gone, But because I'm too tired to feel.   ~Nomadic Mind~


The pain is crippling Causing me to talk too much Leaving things unsaid.   ~Nomadic Mind~


You're my everything. I think about the sacrifices that you made, And the foundation that you laid. You helped cultivate my work ethic, And you molded my integrity. My faith in God is strong today because of you. I know God is supposed to be my everything Or at least that's what they told me.... Continue Reading →


Over-glorified and over-criticized, yet underappreciated. Woman. To appreciate is to acknowledge someone for their worth, their actions, And to compensate them accordingly. If society claims that women are so wonderful, productive, virtuous, and essential, Then why are they still on the fringes of society overworked, yet underpaid And underrepresented in leadership positions?   ~Nomadic Mind~


I'm terrible, but you love me still. When I fight you and break your heart, You whisper sweet words in my ear, Drawing me near until I learn to love myself, Forgive myself, and then give myself completely to you.   ~Nomadic Mind~


Your love consumes me. It's on top, yet underneath me. It's inside me... Deep, Deep within me. Your love is life.   ~Nomadic Mind~

Nomadic Mind (An Introduction)

My thoughts flow out of me. The good, the bad, and everything in between. There are too many to keep bottled inside. My thoughts flow out of me. The weight of each word unloaded beside the next one- connected and fluid- painting history, herstory, mystory. My thoughts flow out of me. Mostly ramblings...some about me, some... Continue Reading →

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